My first week as a shop owner!

Well, it has been quite an adventure getting this little online boutique up and running at last! It has all come about as a result of having to take time off work due to 2 pesky little discs in my neck. Who thought something so seemingly insignificant could be so debilitating? And painful! Subsequently, I cant drive until it is sorted out, so I needed to find a way to bring some cash in! Poor old Bri (hubby) had to drive me all the way to Manchester, and back again, to look and choose stock. Anyone who knows Bri will be aware how much he detests shopping, so thank you Bri! Next to tackle was the ’simple’ task of trying to build a website. OMG! Now that was tricky!! Hats off to everyone who works in I.T. Not my forté!! But, with a lot of help and encouragement along the way I did it!! And here you all are, reading my little blog 🥰

So...... I am started small and hoping this may become a nice little income for me until I can be rebuilt into the bionic woman. Now there’s a thought 🤣

I have taken 5 orders this week, so although I’m still a way off millionaire stardom or the Forbes rich list, I am absolutely thrilled that you have bought from me. I try to buy the things I love to wear, but I do like comfie, so hopefully my items tick that box as well as looking good. Whatever you wear and however you wear it, smile and wear it with confidence! Stay safe and keep being kind 💕

Love Caron xx

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